The Traditional Model

Facility Challenges

Long-term care facilities face many challenges with traditional pharmacy providers, challenges such as increasing drug costs, excessive drug waste, medication errors, delays in medication delivery, and increased nursing time for medication administration.

Pharmacy Challenges

Traditional pharmacies face many challenges as well. Medication prices are increasing at twice the rate of inflation and the number of prescriptions per patient has increased dramatically over the past several years. Increased inflation and volume, along with a limited pharmacist labor supply, has put the traditional pharmacy in an unenviable position to increase their productivity without sacrificing customer service and patient care.

Risks with Current Systems

  • Physicians working blind - little accessibility to patients health records
  • Communication challenges between physicians, nursing, and pharmacies
  • Overloaded nurses handle all communications and documentation
  • Little clinical oversight or assistance
  • Paper based systems are unreliable and lead to medication errors
  • Process inconsistencies lead to medication errors
  • 30 day blister pack cycle times lead to significant drug waste
  • Pharmaceutical billing goes largely unchecked
  • Pharmacy and Physician do not collaborate on clinical or billing issues
  • Wide variety of suppliers leads to inconsistency in pricing
  • Resolving formulary benefits issues is costly and inefficient
  • Confusion over Medicare Part D benefits
  • Surveyors have a difficult time gathering relevant information

Ascribe Rx Provides the Advantage

Image 1
Reduced Call Backs and Faxes
Dramatically reduces the number of call backs and faxes between the doctor, nurse and pharmacist.
Image 2
Automated Formulary Check
If the drug prescribed is not on formulary, the system will offer equivalent choices that are covered, the nurse can call the doctor back immediately to gain approval and complete the prescription order.
Image 3
Automated Utilization Review
After the drug recommendation has cleared the formulary check, the OnSite system conducts an automatic drug utilization review (DUR) against the patient’s allergies and other drugs that they might be taking.
Image 4
Formulary check and DUR are traditionally conducted at the pharmacy. By performing this at the front end of the prescribing process prior to transmitting the prescription request to the pharmacy, denials and follow ups are eliminated.
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Daily Medication Dispense
The OnSiteRx system dispenses each resident's drugs, seals them in individual packets, and prints the patient's name and prescription information on the packet. Easy for medpass.
Image 2
With each resident’s medications all in one or two packets, the time consuming process of sorting through blister packs is greatly reduced.